Why Partner With Codesmith to Provide Comprehensive Web and Mobile App Development For Your Portfolio of Clients

Codesmith is a web and mobile application development company. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs, enterprise companies, and investors develop exceptional web and mobile applications. We started in 2013 and wanted to differentiate ourselves from other app development companies by solving familiar pain points investors face when creating an app. 

Many development shops rely on crafty salespeople to close prospects, promising an app created on budget and time. Unfortunately, they rarely live up to their claims. Many dev shops use their technical knowledge to mislead clients, and once they sign the dotted line, conflate budgets and hold your app at ransom until you pay up for a lackluster finished product. 

We have a drastically different approach. Learn how Codesmith executes app development projects and what you’ll find here that you won’t find with other shops in the country. 

We Assign an ACTUAL Development Team to EACH Project

The typical app development process is often fractured. Many dev shops often rely on a team of salespeople to hunt for leads to feed their development pipeline. After promising quick app development timelines, affordable budgets, frequent project updates, many clients often realize that what they were offered was too good to be true. 

Clients will get stuck in the typical, convoluted development process, often haphazardly strung forward with less than stellar results. Development “teams” are really just a couple of off-shore developers scrambling to produce a “functional” app. Don’t be surprised if problems arise and you have to fork over more money as project deadlines are continuously pushed back. 

Codesmith offers a different approach. It starts with assigning a comprehensive team not only to handle the development of the app but finding strategic ways to market it, maintain a reasonable time frame, and deliver a professional app that exceeds expectations. Depending on the project, you will receive a team of experienced developers, account managers, UI/UX Designers, Business Development Managers, Software Analysts, and Technical Project Managers to ensure your project is managed correctly. 

We are not only a dev shop. We also have a digital marketing team that works with our dev team to coordinate marketing efforts during project development. We also offer IT staffing solutions to help businesses find vetted developers to join their teams. Our approach and priority on effective teams have led us always to exceed client expectations and meet their project deadlines at their original pricing quote. 

Superior Project Coordination

Project management is often the most overlooked aspect of web and mobile development. Great technical project managers can translate what’s happening in the app development process and coordinate with clients on how things are moving forward. Many dev shops often put all their eggs in the development basket without creating a systemized and transparent status for their clients. 

Codesmith prioritizes project management, and we assign a technical project manager to each app development assignment. They can oversee app development projects and relay client notes, direction, and feedback to development teams. We maintain periodic check-ins and project updates with our clients to detail essential steps in the app development process. 

Clients can often feel frustrated and out of the loop without regular updates and transparent communication. We prioritize client communication to ensure we deliver superior app development services. 

Access Our Network of Development Talent

Along with our mobile, web, and software development services, we also provide IT staffing solutions for companies across the country. Our diverse network of development talent encompasses a wide variety of specialties. Since recruiters for large enterprises do not have the expertise to vet candidates, we test each candidate in our network to ensure their qualifications check out. 

Every app development project is unique, and frequently, dev shops have to utilize freelancers or outsourced development support for highly-specialized tasks. Since we actively hunt for top development talent, we can assign the best developers for each project without pushing back deadlines. 

Other dev shops may run into project setbacks when finding support for project tasks. We can quickly coordinate with our network to assign superior development resources so your project stays on the right track.

Market Viability and Research Before You Commit

Just because you have a great idea for an app doesn’t mean you should fund it. There may be successful competitors already providing the same service, a saturated marketplace, or a lack of people interested in your application. 

Before committing to any dev project, we like to chat with our clients to learn more about their budget, goals, and target audience. A Business Analyst will perform a market viability test to learn more about your particular niche. We will discuss our findings and let you know what we think. 

Honestly, sometimes we will advise against it. Although we would love to develop the app, we want to ensure you are set up for success. If you have a winner, our digital marketing team can help gameplan a winning strategy to market your app, reach your audience, and monetize your application.  

It All Starts With An Idea

Codesmith specializes in mobile and web app development for entrepreneurs and independent investors. It can be challenging for venture capitalists, angel investors, and other successful business people who help finance start-ups and privately-held companies to find a dependable app development company to coordinate, research, and execute projects. 

Codesmith loves taking an inspired idea and turning it into a fully-functional application. We can help your clients and partners take their concept from just a concept to Series A financing. We have several clients of our own that we partnered with to create their app in exchange for equity, so we are genuinely invested in their success. 

Suppose you need a reliable and superior development partner. In that case, we have the talented staff, digital marketing, and staffing capabilities to consistently help your portfolio of clients create and fund their projects.

Codesmith is Where Ideas Are Developed. Ready to Get to Work?

If you have clients who need full-service development support, fill out our app development questionnaire. We can schedule a time to chat with our CEO, Joey Harris, about your project needs. We look forward to working with you! 

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How to Turn Your Concept Into a Viable Business: Start With a Market Viability Test


As entrepreneurs, we all know that a successful business idea starts by identifying an unmet need that can be solved at scale. And while Hollywood’s version of an entrepreneur’s journey is an idea coming to a founder as a flash of inspiration in a dream, it’s more likely a case of véjà du. And no, we didn’t misspell that. 

Déjà vu is a French term meaning “already seen,” and it describes the experience of feeling like you’ve witnessed a new situation before. But véjà du is the experience of looking at a familiar situation with fresh eyes as if you’ve never seen it before. If your business can truly solve a familiar and recurring problem that makes someone’s life easier with a web or mobile app, then you’re likely onto something.

For a business to thrive, founders must understand how to situate their product in the market, reach a stable customer base, and differentiate their app from the competition. Some examples of great business ideas that solve a common pain point are Greenlight, which helps parents teach their children financial responsibility. Kwit helps cigarette smokers kick the habit through problem-solving games. LastPass helps people securely store all their login credentials in one encrypted vault. 

However, not all app ideas are worth pursuing. The sooner a founder realizes the limitations and can pivot or abort the mission altogether, the more time and money they will save. Performing a market viability test is especially critical if an entrepreneur plans to invest in app development and ultimately plans to raise capital. 

Codesmith specializes in custom mobile and web app development. We spend an equal amount of energy trying to talk prospective clients out of building a product if they haven’t validated the idea with customers. Once that box is checked, we’re eager to implement a successful mobile application development strategy.   

What is a Viable Business Idea? Why a Market Viability Test is ESSENTIAL

When determining whether or not to commit to a mobile or web app development plan, three critical areas of learning will impact the viability of a business idea: 

  • A clear understanding of their target audience. 
  • How to generate revenue and monetize the app. 
  • If the app has long-term growth potential or solves a short-term customer need.

Market viability research also helps paint a clear picture of the competitive landscape. You may have a good idea for an app, but there may simply be a competitor already providing the same service with brand equity to leverage. In such a case, it might cost too much money to market your app and sway users to try your application. You may have a viable service and innovative UI for your app, but there isn’t the market demand or an interested target audience willing to pay for it. 

Researching and assessing these factors BEFORE committing to a full-fledged app development project can not only save you thousands of dollars but also be a huge burden to carry. A market viability test can also reveal how to make your idea work, helping to tailor the functionality and services to the target audience. You may have envisioned initially one path to create and promote your app but after deeper analysis, discover a different audience or alternative functionality that solves a much bigger pain point. 

So let’s dig deeper into our approach to conducting a market viability test of your mobile or web app to determine if you have a viable business idea. 

1. Quantitative and Qualitative Research for Your Mobile Application

We have a longstanding relationship with a technology-driven research partner we advised back as a startup. Working in collaboration with their team and our clients, we start by crafting some clear goals for the research. Next, we leverage an existing audience persona, if one exists, or help create a new one. 

This will be used for recruiting participants in our research. Our partner has access to tens of millions of market research candidates, and we will help determine a statistically relevant audience size to recruit against. Next, we write a discussion guide with questions for quantitative survey participants to answer independently or a series of questions a moderator will ask in qualitative focus groups or individual interviews. 

Once the research has been conducted in the field, our team will collect and interpret the findings to make them actionable. Our research partner will present their report and recommend how best to proceed. 

That go/no-go/pivot decision is ultimately our client’s to make, but they feel more confident to do so armed with primary research. If the concept moves into production, we can periodically go back to this same group and ask follow-up questions or even invite them to become beta testers for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).   

2. Defining Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is imperative to successfully engineer a mobile or web app and take it to market. A market viability test will help us determine how to segment your audience based on demographic and psychographic markers to help determine the likelihood of their using and paying for your app. It will also reveal barriers to overcome to get them to try your product or service.  

Analyzing prospective users’ behaviors will help us refine audience personas that serve both the engineering team, if and when the time comes to build your app, and the marketing team when creating compelling messaging. Knowing who we’re building for, how they consume content, and what pain points we can solve will also help us set accurate budgets for your marketing investment.  

3. Prioritizing Features Based on Real Needs to Tailor the Build

In the absence of true market research, the blueprint for a mobile or web app build is simply a guess, even if it’s an educated one. Listening to the needs of real customer prospects helps us reverse engineer the most critical features to focus on for an MVP. 

In other words, a Market Viability Test is risk mitigation for entrepreneurs that can easily pay for itself a hundred times over by preventing early missteps. And establishing a mindset within the team of valuing a continuous learning loop sets significant precedence as the business grows and the team scales.        

Accurately Scoping an Engagement After a Market Viability Test

Codesmith never spitballs a project estimate. Doing so undermines trust and sets the project up for inevitable friction down the road. The way we arrive at an accurate scope of work is our Business Analyst reviews the Market Viability Test report and begins gathering requirements. 

We collaborate with our client to define what an MVP build truly entails and what features we will include and add to future versions. The BA works hand-in-hand with a Technical Project Manager, Dev Manager, and Development Leads for the tech stack. We recommend landing on an accurate timeline and budget for the build. 

If a client also wants to engage Codesmith to take their mobile or web app to market, we intentionally run development and marketing in parallel and overlap tasks, so we are ready to begin marketing simultaneously with the product launch. Clear communication and accountability are hallmarks of our approach to customer service.     

Providing Ongoing Counsel Beyond the SOW

The Codesmith senior leadership team is always looking for ways to go beyond our three core services – mobile and web app development, growth marketing, and IT staffing to provide ongoing wraparound services such as preparing for investor pitches. Our partners are both serial entrepreneurs, having been involved with multiple startups. 

So they have lived the ups and downs of the entrepreneurs’ journey many times and speak from experience when advising our clients. Additionally, we often tap our deep networks to make key introductions to other subject matter experts and specialized third-party vendors that we have vetted and built trust with over the years.  

Our marketing team will also utilize the research to craft an effective strategy to promote your app to increase your app conversion rates

Do You Think You Have a Winning Idea? Submit a Form and We’ll Perform a Market Viability Test to Find Out

Before you invest more time and money into developing your app, don’t sign on the dotted line just yet! Fill out our app development questionnaire, and we can perform a market viability test to help find the right market fit or pivot the core idea. 

And don’t forget, not only can we take your concept and turn it into a fully functional app, but we also provide IT staffing and growth marketing to help increase mobile app installs. Tell us about your idea below, and we’ll schedule a time to discuss your mobile app project. 

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IT Staffing Services: Find the Best Candidates For Your Business

Finding the right IT professionals for your company can be a challenge. Many HR companies are not equipped with the expertise or network to find the right candidate for your organization. Staffing for various IT positions, such as Mobile Developers, Technical Architects, IT Directors, Systems Analysts, and numerous other roles, takes considerable time to test and vet candidates to see if their skills check out. 

IT professionals often specialize in specific niches, such as Android, iOS, React JS, Angular JS, and more. To determine if they are the right fit for your company, your recruitment team will have to leverage other experts to thoroughly test them to see if they are actually qualified.

Fortunately, we specialize in everything mobile and web development. We not only employ a diverse group of talented IT professionals for our team but have an extensive network of developers vetted and tested to help your company find the right candidate with ease. Learn more about IT staffing services and how we can help get you the support you need without the headaches.

What Is IT Staffing?

IT staffing services are available to companies looking for help with their high-tech staffing demands. Recruiters help businesses find the top professionals to support specific development tasks, including temporary, freelance, or direct hire positions. Positions range from numerous specialties and IT fields, including programming, web development, desktop support, and more.

Companies often need support quickly because a lack of development support can halt projects, push deadlines and compromise client relationships. At the same time, many companies cannot reliably find the right talent on their own since they do not have the internal expertise to vet candidates. Instead of losing business and pushing back projects, it can be beneficial to outsource it to a company like us specializing in finding IT talent quickly and efficiently!

How We Became an IT Staffing Firm

Our IT staffing firm was born out of a common pain point. We had trouble finding qualified talent. We’re an accomplished software development company at heart, which means we constantly scale our teams up and down based on project demands. Since every project is unique, we needed to amass an extensive network of IT professionals we could rely on to support our needs. 

Since our experience working with staffing agencies was unsuccessful, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We rigorously test our candidates to understand their strengths and weaknesses and validate their core development skills to meet our high standards. 

As we continued to invest considerable resources and time to develop a top-tier IT network, we decided to help other organizations struggling to find development talent fill their project needs. Our clients love working with us because they know when we send over a qualified lead, they are legit. 

What Are IT Staffing Services?

IT staffing services are a way to quickly fill otherwise hard-to-fill IT jobs without having to place ads or go through the extensive interviewing process it takes to find the best candidate. Staffing companies like ours for IT professionals work with larger companies who need extra development help on an as-needed basis. We can provide you with access to talented professionals in virtually every technology industry sector, so you do not have to feel limited in your hiring search.

An entrepreneurial mindset fuels our agency, so we’re used to running fast and lean. The IT recruiting team is adaptable to help solve your unique talent needs. We have experience structuring a variety of employment agreements.

Temporary Staffing

We recruit and provide screened and verified employees for temporary positions. We can provide employees for a short-term project, a long-term project or help you build a flexible workforce solution.


Many companies make the strategic decision to utilize a temp-to-hire strategy, ensuring that the employee is suitable for their organization before hiring them full time, thereby reducing hiring costs. We provide employees who are willing to prove themselves and earn their way onto your team.

Direct Hire

When you need full-time, experienced professionals, our direct-hire solutions deliver. Direct-hire solutions provide the talent your company needs to deliver results and access to passive candidates that only a network of professional recruiters can reach.

Are IT Staffing Agencies Worth It?

If there is any industry where using a staffing agency to help find talent is worth it, IT staffing is at the top of the list.  An IT staffing agency is often a requirement for many positions.

In the technology industry, it can be challenging to find qualified candidates who have the proper education and experience and have a personality that works well with your current team. It’s essential to have a collaborative environment on a staff, and it simply makes sense to bring in people you know will fit into your company culture.

Benefits of Working with the Codesmith IT Staffing Team

There are many benefits to working with Codesmith IT staffing team to fill your next tech role, including:

  • Highly collaborative: We work closely with HR to qualify your company’s needs. 
  • Reduce your time-to-hire: We already know the best possible candidates. We just need to know what you’re looking for!
  • Proprietary testing tools: Our development staff has go-to testing capabilities to vet potential candidates so you can hire with confidence.
  • Flexible employment agreements: Whether it’s freelance or a full-time role, we can find you the right employee. 
  • Established networks: We have VIP access to the top IT talent in the country. 
  • Reputation as a dev shop: Our work speaks for itself, and you only get results like these if you have the top talent by your side.  
  • We speak tech: The only way to find developers is with developers. 


Common IT Staffing Roles We Place

We can help find the right candidate for a variety of roles, including: 

  • PHP/Laravel
  • .NET/C#
  • UX/UI Designers 
  • Python
  • REACT.js
  • REACT Native
  • Node
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Frontend Development
  • Project Management 

IT Staffing Best Practices: Requirements to Ensure We Provide the Right Candidates

Our recruitment team has the expertise, resources, and network to fill IT roles that fit any organization’s specific needs. Learn more about some of our IT staffing best practices and what sets us apart from other IT staffing agencies. 

An Extensive Network of IT Professionals

We provide mobile and web app development, so we have our own team of IT professionals to help us execute our retainer of client projects. However, many IT professionals can bounce around from roles frequently on a project-to-project basis. Since we constantly needed additional support, we focused on developing an extensive network of IT candidates through our staff. 

Rigorous Testing of Possible Candidates

The IT world is much different than other employment categories. There is an accelerated boom in need for IT support for many companies across many industries. However, internal HR teams simply do not have the resources to find talent and, more importantly, don’t have the skills to vet candidates properly. How can you find the right candidate if you don’t know what you are looking for? 

Codesmith’s recruitment team works closely with our clients’ HR divisions to break down what they need in plain English. From there, we can leverage our development team and network to identify potential fits suitable for your company’s needs. It takes an IT professional to properly test, interview, and understand the skills needed for a project or role. Since our company is made up of developers, we know who is legit and who may be embellishing their qualifications. 

Quality Over Quantity

When we send over possible applicants for your company, you can hire with confidence. We’ll put them through the wringer to ensure they can not only meet the requirements but that they are a right fit to avoid quick employee turnover. You don’t want to invest a lot of time and resources to find a great candidate just for them to bounce after a couple of weeks. 

Many other IT recruitment firms will bombard your HR department with numerous candidates who may or not be vetted. This will not only put considerable strain on your HR division but picking a final candidate will simply be like picking a card out of a hat. Don’t leave it to chance! 

We Know Tech Because We Are Tech. Hire With Confidence and Call Your Codesmith

Our staffing team understands the significant cost implications of a bad hire. We will source and validate candidates quickly so your team doesn’t lose momentum on your most pressing internal initiatives. Fill out our IT staffing questionnaire to let us know how we can help you find your next candidate. 

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App Marketing Agency: Plan, Build, Launch, and Promote Your Mobile or Web App


Boost app downloads, build your brand, and reach your audience through multiple channels using our app marketing services. We started as a pure mobile and web app development company but as our business grew, including app marketing to our service offerings was a no-brainer. Since our clients invested resources to perform competitive and market research to guide our development efforts, we could maximize their budget and create effective advertising campaigns. 

Why rely on an outside marketing agency when you can have the same agency who built your app also promote it? Our marketing team develops an advertising strategy for our web and mobile app projects when they are still just ideas. It gives us a much more knowledgeable and elevated approach than other pure marketing agencies. 

We offer various digital marketing services to help successfully launch and promote new mobile and web apps. It’s a shame to invest so much money to create a mobile app without the expertise to reach your target market. Since we work directly with our development team, we know the best strategies to effectively advertise your mobile or web app so the right audiences can find and download your app. 

As a top app marketing agency, Codesmith markets your iOS, Android, or web app using various advanced and effective advertising strategies to increase app store visibility, increase downloads, and reach your audience.

Mobile App Marketing Services

There are many different types of mobile app marketing. Let’s discuss our go-to marketing services to ensure your app reaches users so you can successfully build your brand and increase acquisition. 

Competitive and Marketing Research

A business analyst will perform thorough research into the competitive landscape of your unique market. We will analyze how your app can fill a void in the market and best differentiate your app from your competitors. 

We will provide a competitive summary and analysis to craft an effective marketing strategy to help you not only stand out but position your app as a more effective solution to your audience’s needs. We’ll identify your most ideal target demographics and segment them into various audiences to craft campaigns that maximize your budget, appeal to your viewers, and increase user acquisition while lowering cost per acquisition. 

We’ll dive into the bigger picture to understand what is happening within the industry and culture to plan practical approaches to break through potential barriers. We’ll refine your brand messaging and value propositions to resonate with your users. Most mobile and web app marketing agencies do not have dedicated business analysts assigned for projects. We think it’s an essential component of our mobile app marketing progress to set your business up for success in the short term and the long run. 

Website Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A website is an essential investment for any mobile app company. It will help qualify users and explain the benefits and functionalities of your mobile app. It’s a crucial component to share testimonials, develop content that explains the benefits of your app, and increase your brand’s visibility. 

Our marketing team can create or optimize a website for your mobile app to ensure you reach your target audience. We also have SEO Strategists who can help ensure your website is optimized to rank for keyword terms that align with your application functionality. It is also an essential lead generation tool to collect email addresses of qualified prospects to engage with them through email to increase acquisition probability. 

Our website developers can leverage the latest and most advanced website designs to create an impactful web experience for your visitors. We can integrate video content, demos, social media functionality, and more to engage with your audience.  

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most overlooked aspects of mobile app marketing. Many brands invest heavily in PPC and social media advertising to prompt users to download. However, a quality content market ensures your audience feels more confident purchasing or downloading your app.

We will identify the search questions and terms your audience wants to know in their research phase. What are the advantages? Why should users use this app? Who should use this app? Answering a variety of questions and developing engaging content will not only educate your users on the benefits of your audience but increase their interest in downloading your app. 

Most importantly, developing content built around identified search terms and keywords will generate hot traffic to your site and users ready to download the type of app that you provide. Don’t let your competitors dominate search traffic for the terms you want to rank for in search results. We’ll create an editorial calendar and consistent publishing schedule to help bring your app to the top of search results. 

Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Specialists can craft effective campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms to engage with your audience. Launching your app on Google Play or the App Store is just the beginning. Generating high initial downloads is essential to increase your visibility and rank for various searches that align with your app. 

Our digital marketing team can help promote your app before it’s even launched. Depending on your specific niche, we can create enticing offers and landing pages that resonate with your audience while tracking engagement. It will give us detailed information on your most engaged audience’s regions, demographics, and interests. From there, we can refine your campaign to lower acquisition costs and maximize your budget.

Pay-Per Click (PPC) and Google Advertising

PPC campaigns are one of the most effective strategies to promote your mobile or web app. We have PPC experts who can craft Google Universal App Campaigns (UACs) explicitly designed for mobile app advertising. The most significant advantage is users are sent directly to the app store, and Google will automatically target users and apply bids to aid your user acquisition. 

We can craft PPC campaigns that run across Google’s network, including YouTube, Gmail, discover feeds, play store, and display networks. While we monitor your ad campaigns, we will refine your ad sets, keywords, and targeting based on the campaign data to improve your PPC ads’ performance continuously. Nurture your leads through an efficient marketing funnel to increase user acquisition while lowering acquisition costs. 

Why Partner With a Mobile Marketing Agency? The Codesmith Difference

What separates us from the rest of the app marketing agencies is simple: we not only advertise mobile and web apps; we build them! Our digital marketing services were born out of our clients needing promotional help to launch their apps after creating them. 

Since we wrote each line of code that brought their mobile app to life, we had a deep knowledge of their target audience and how they would use and benefit from the mobile or web app we created. We go through rigorous testing, research, and analysis to develop an app built with the user in mind during the development stage. 

While our Business and QA Analysts dive into market research, our marketing team works alongside them to develop marketing assets that will effectively draw in users. We invest in marketing efforts that best resonate with our client’s goals, from website to content creation. 

App Marketing FAQs

How Do You Market a New Mobile or Web App?

There are various ways to market a new mobile app, including content marketing, social media marketing, PPC campaigns, and SEO. Brands should have a diverse marketing strategy to reach users through multiple channels. 

For instance, you can engage directly with users and earn guaranteed reach using social media and PPC campaigns. You can also allow users to find you through content and SEO marketing efforts to appear in Google search results organically based on relevant keyword searches. However, the end goal is to increase user acquisition, activation, and retention. 

How Big is the Mobile App Market?

The mobile app market has grown exponentially over the past decade and will continue to generate more and more revenue year over year. In 2021, 693 billion USD was generated globally from the mobile app market. In 2022, it’s predicted to reach 808.7 billion dollars, and in 2023, 935.2 billion. 

As users continue to engage and spend on mobile app platforms, there is a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprise companies to create a profitable mobile application. 

How Do You Plan a Budget for Mobile App Marketing?

Everyone’s budget for their mobile app is unique. During a consultation, we will identify the goals for your mobile app and determine a realistic budget for your promotion. We can invest in various channels depending on how much you would like to spend to maximize your budget and generate long-term results. 

Which Channels Do You Cover for App Marketing?

We provide content marketing, SEO, UI/UX development, website development, social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, and PPC advertising to increase organic and paid user acquisition. 

Can You Help Improve User Acquisition and Subscriptions for an Existing App?

Absolutely! We can investigate your current marketing efforts to establish and baseline and complete thorough competitive and marketing research to provide a comprehensive marketing plan to improve user acquisition and subscriptions for your existing mobile or web application. 

Do You Offer App Consultations to Discuss My Project?

We offer a complementary app consultation to discuss your app idea’s market viability and demand. During a call, a team member will game plan a winning strategy to create your app and how to market it to your target audience and successfully acquire users. 

Other Services We Offer

We not only provide advertising for your mobile or web application; we also can help you create it. We deliver comprehensive software, mobile, and web application development services. Our dedicated team of developers is experienced in various frameworks and architectures to provide the application you need to appeal to your target audience. Learn about our service offerings below. 

Software Development

Our software development services include design, engineering, and support for custom projects tailored to your industry. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, small or enterprise business, we can deliver custom software development to fit your needs. 

Mobile or Web App Development

We build highly engaging cross-platform and cross-browser web applications across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. We also can create custom mobile applications or improve existing applications for your business with the latest feature integrations. 

IT Staffing Solutions

Finding excellent developers for your company is difficult for recruiters. Our internal IT staffing recruiters have access to our exclusive network of top developers to provide full-time, part-time, or contract support for your next project. 

Increase User Acquisition Ensure Your Mobile or Web App is a Success! Schedule a Complimentary Consultation, Today!

If you are ready to promote your mobile or web app to the world, fill out the app development questionnaire to tell us more about your project. Our team will game plan a winning strategy to promote your app through the proper channels at the right time. Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon! 

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Custom Mobile and Web App Development Services


Are you ready to bring your mobile app idea to life? Codesmith is here to help. We are software development experts with a diverse web and mobile app projects portfolio. We are entrepreneurs at heart, and our mission is to provide comprehensive support and service for visionaries to bring their mobile or web app ideas to life. 

But we have a pretty different approach than most app development companies. Many dev shops will drag out the app development process and leave you with a tab that continuously adds up. They may also provide you with an insufficient and outsourced “team” that will constantly push back launch dates and leave you with a subpar app geared towards only one platform. Many entrepreneurs may know the dark side of the app development business and let their million-dollar idea fall to the wayside. 

Codesmith is a coalition of entrepreneurs at heart. Our in-house and unique approach is tailored to other entrepreneurs who not only want to build a mobile or web app but have it properly marketed and launched. When you work with Codesmith, you don’t just get a developer: you get an entire team dedicated to managing your mobile app process, executing project deadlines, and cutting costs. 

Our thorough discovery process allows us to understand your mobile app’s market demand and environment. Our business analysts will deliver an accurate quote and walk you through the entire project process from start to finish for full transparency. We are also agile enough to adapt and refine initial project requirements to ensure your app project meets project deadlines. 

Best of all, once you are ready to launch your mobile app, we have a team of digital marketing experts who can help promote your application to your ideal target audience through various channels, including PPC, social media campaigns, SEO, and content marketing. 

Learn more about our custom mobile app development services and fill out a questionnaire so our team can learn more about your project. If you’d like, we can schedule a complimentary app consultation so you can better understand the market demand for your app and create a winning game plan to turn your idea into a reality. 

Our Web and Mobile App Development Services

We offer comprehensive web and mobile app development services. Our dedicated team is here to provide comprehensive development services from A to Z. Learn more about our service offerings and how we take your project from concept to delivery and provide ongoing marketing and technical support to constantly improve your application’s functionality. 

Web App Development

Our web application development services encompass the design, development, and deployment of cross-platform web applications with improved functionality and features. We build highly engaging and responsive applications that span desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. We work closely with our clients to define your requirements and create a roadmap for success. 

The web app you create should reflect the needs of your audience, fit into their day-to-day life, and meet their expectations. Our team will choose the best framework, platform, and optimization techniques that will make your web app shine amongst the competition. Our marketing experts gather user feedback during development to ensure we build the right features set for our users throughout the project lifecycle. Our team of UI/UX engineers and developers create custom solutions while keeping the end-user experience in mind to guarantee visitors stay on your site.  

Mobile App Development

We have extensive experience creating high-performing, digitally transformative, and feature-packed native mobile applications. We have business analysts, project managers, and QA engineers on top of our diverse team of developers to ensure your application is not only appropriately coded but appeals to the preferences of your target audience. 

We use an agile approach for mobile app development to ensure our team meets each project milestone. We can quickly pivot throughout the development stages based on your feedback to ensure the final project exceeds your expectations. 

Software Development

With years of experience in custom software development, we offer businesses, large and small, web application development services. Our software development services are tailored to your business needs and across various industries, including finance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and more.

Many software development companies rely on outsourcing to help meet their workload. This can lead to inferior software riddled with problems that can hurt your business down the road. Codesmith not only has an extensive pool of top software developers, but we also provide staffing for companies looking for development support. Our ensemble of software developers, engineers, and programmers can create superior software tailored to your specific preferences. 

Entrepreneur and Small Business App Development

We want to make sure independent entrepreneurs can create stellar applications, too. As mobile and web applications become more and more integral to businesses, it’s important entrepreneurs have access to affordable app development services. 

Small businesses and entrepreneurs often cannot afford app development services compared to their corporate competitors. Entrepreneurs often have a limited budget but still, need a dynamic application that makes them stand out from their goliath competitors in their industry. We want to help these companies succeed by providing comprehensive app development support to launch an excellent mobile or web app within an affordable budget. Even if you’re not a tech person, we can break down a practical plan to execute your app project from start to finish. 

Cross Platform and Hybrid Mobile App Development

If you want to develop a mobile application, it’s best to be compatible across operating systems and platforms. Our experienced ensemble of developers has a wealth of experience with cross-platform app development. We can help create a mobile app that runs smoothly across all platforms. 

Our efficient project development process ensures that we can translate your vision to the sharable code that brings your mobile app to life. Cross-platform app development is a cost-effective solution with faster development timelines than native applications. Reach a wider audience and develop a hybrid mobile app that exceeds your high standards without raising your budget. 

The Languages We Speak

Developers specialize in various coding languages that all serve a variety of purposes. Fortunately, we are fluent in multiple coding languages and can translate what we are doing on the backend to keep you on top of your mobile or web app project. Some of our most popular projects include: 

PHP Laravel

We are a certified PHP development company supported by software engineers who provide high-performance customer PHP applications. The free and open-source platform runs on PHP. It’s excellent to build custom web apps with complicated application components.


.NET is an open-source development platform created by Microsoft, but web or mobile applications can run across platforms. We can help develop apps using the .NET framework for web, mobile, desktop, cloud applications. Developers gravitate towards .NET because they can build apps faster and cheaper than other development platforms. 

React JS Development

ReactJS is an open-source library that utilizes reusable UI components to create dynamic, single-page web and mobile applications. People can interact and change data without reloading the page for a better user experience. The React library is easy to use and test, making it a great choice to develop various web and mobile applications. 

React Native

React Native is different than React JS, even though they come from the same family. Native only works on mobile.

Vue JS Development

VueJS is an open-source library that supports compact file size. It uses components of React.JS such as directives to control and render user interfaces. It requires little overhead, and developers can store all HTML, CSS, and JS code in one single-file component. It’s user-friendly, customizable, integrates with other frameworks, and has few restrictions for better flexibility to create web and mobile app projects. 

iOS Development

We can handle complete iOS development projects to create applications on Apple’s operating system to deploy on iPhone, iPad, and Mac OSX desktop applications. Our development team specializes in and uses SwiftUI to create stunning iOS applications. We use interfacing tools, version control systems, and support frameworks to provide time-saving and cost-effective solutions for your iOS project.

Android Development

We also specialize in android software development to create applications for the Android marketplace. Google developed the Android operating system, and they are a direct competitor to Apple. Android apps feature much deeper integration to the Google suite, and android developers are often much more challenging to find than iOS developers. Still, fortunately, we have a dedicated team of experienced Android developers to complete your next mobile or web application project. 

Fill Out the Application Questionnaire Below and Our Team Will Get to Work!

Complete our application development questionnaire and our team will review your submission to help you get your project started. We will follow up with a complimentary consultation to discuss your mobile or web app idea. Before we chat, our team will research the market and give you a competitive analysis to game plan how to make your app serve your audience. 

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10 Most Important Factors When Choosing a Mobile App Development Company


If you are diving into the world of mobile app development, entrepreneurs and small businesses are faced with a crucial decision: how do I choose a mobile app development company? There are many factors to consider, and picking a poor dev shop can lead to an expensive price tag, a subpar application, and a major headache. 

As technology evolves, the general populace has shifted towards mobile devices. There has never been a better time to develop a mobile app. Businesses can generate massive revenue if they have a great idea, mobile application development strategy, and a marketing budget to reach their target market effectively. 69% of all US digital media time is spent on mobile applications, and mobile apps are expected to generate $935 billion in revenue by 2023

Capitalize on the mobile boom and develop a mobile application. We specialize in web and mobile app development and can give you our expert insights into the factors you need to consider before choosing a mobile app development company. 

1. Do They Offer a Free Consultation?

Before committing to a mobile app dev shop, a consultation is a necessity. Taking time to chat with dev leads can help you access if they understand your vision. They can also give you an expected timeframe and price tag, so you can determine if it aligns with your needs. 

For prospective new clients, we like to guide them to our mobile app development questionnaire. Once they fill out the form, we’ll perform a market viability assessment to determine if it’s a path worth pursuing. 

Although many dev shops will take on whatever project walks through their door, we think an honest evaluation of the practicality of their application is always best. We’d hate to create an application in a saturated market without much chance for success. 

Always schedule at least an hour conversation with a head at the dev shop to ask the questions you need to ask so you can feel confident in the company you choose. (Learn more about our application development consulting services.)

2. Are They an Affordable App Dev Shop?

How much will it cost to build your mobile app? Are you charged by the hour? Is it a flat fee? Will you have a budget to allocate to digital marketing? There is a wide variance for the average cost of a mobile app. Many factors contribute to the price, including complexity of the design, development process, 3rd-party integrations, and size of the development team. 

Creating an app can range from $10,000 to millions of dollars. Simple apps can range from $10,000 to 60,000 and take around 2-3 months to complete. A more robust app may range from $60,000 to $150,000 and take 3-6 months to complete. A complex app can cost six figures and take close to a year to create. 

However, every app project is unique, so assessing whether or not an app shop is affordable varies from client to client. It is best to identify several potential app shops and request a quote to determine your best option. 

3. Do They Offer Marketing Services?

When you commit to an app dev project, the development costs aren’t the only thing you need to budget. It is essential to plan for marketing costs to reach your target audience, increase mobile app installs, and increase app conversion rates

There are many channels to utilize for your mobile app marketing campaign, including SEO, PPC, content, and social media marketing. You will want a website to serve as a learning hub for your application. 

Developing content that qualifies users and utilizes targeted keyword queries will help your website appear organically in Google search results. You can bid on particular keyword searches to claim top real estate in Google as well, but you will have to pay for each click. You can also run social media campaigns to increase brand awareness and connect with your target market. 

Codesmith, compared to other dev shops, offers comprehensive digital marketing services for our clients. Our marketing team works with our development team along the development process to strategize a winning marketing strategy that will increase your user acquisition at the lowest possible costs. 

Creating your mobile app is only the beginning. Marketing will ensure you achieve a great ROI on your investment. 

4. Who is Part of the App Development Team?

Your app development team will determine how your app will turn out and how fast, pain-free, and on-budget your project will be. Not all app dev teams are the same. Some dev shops can rely on a couple of freelance developers to produce a subpar application. You want a strong team that encompasses not only the development process but also communication and quality assurance.

You’ll want a Technical Project Manager to move tasks along and keep you updated on the progress of your application. You’ll want a Business Analyst to define metrics and KPIs and identify project gaps. Learn more about the ideal app development team, and make sure to ask what your team will look like before you commit to a mobile app development company. 

5. Will The Project Be Delivered on Time and Budget?

When you start a mobile app project, you may have an ideal timeframe to launch the project and a strict budget. People in the app development world know that many dev projects end up weeks, months, or even years behind schedule. Not to mention unforeseen barriers and additional support can inflate initial quotes.

Codesmith invests in upfront and thorough timelines for each project. We calculate the cost of each milestone so that your project is within your original budget and on time. We also have an extensive network of development support if we need to adjust mid-process to meet your deadlines. 

Don’t be tricked. Most dev shops will use their technical knowledge to mislead clients for their financial gain. Invest in a company that is invested in your success.

6. What Languages Do Their Developers Speak?

Angular JS. PHP. React JS. There are so many development languages, and depending on your project, you’ll need front-end and back-end developers specializing in the development language you need to execute your project. 

You’ll also need to consider if you are deploying a native, cross-platform, or hybrid application. Will your app be available to only iOS users or also Android? What’s the difference between cross-platform vs. hybrid app development? Should you use custom software, and if so, what are the benefits of custom software development

During a consultation, make sure to thoroughly explain your vision and where you want to deploy your application. Your dev shop can walk you through the pros and cons of various options to determine the right approach for your project. Fortunately, Codesmith offers IT staffing solutions, so we have developers across the globe specializing across multiple development languages to accommodate our clients’ needs. 

7. Communication is Key

For any app dev project, communication is essential for client satisfaction. Before you sign the dotted line, make sure that you hash out the structure for client updates. A Technical Project Manager typically handles information between the client and the dev team. They will use project management software like Jira to break up tasks, record client notes, and keep your app project moving towards completion. 

Discuss what the typical communication process will look like. Will you have weekly calls? Who will be your primary contact? How will you know you’re on track? Hash out your concerns and expectations during a consultation before agreeing to move forward. 

Poor communication can not only lead to frustration, but your direction may not properly translate to the app the dev team creates. If this happens, your project will not only fall behind, but you may have to pay for additional development time to fix problems that could have been avoided with a simple call. 

8. What Do Their Clients Have to Say?

Make sure to check out reviews on potential mobile app development companies you want to work with. Dive deeper than just the star-rating overview. Read reviews from clients on their development process, ease of communication, and other factors that will impact your decision. 

Some of the best online directories to check out include Clutch, TechReviewer, and their Google My Business rating. Also, browse around their website and read their content and about us page to learn about the company’s vision and approach to app development. 

9. Are They Invested and Interested In Your Business

Developing a mobile app is much more than just writing code. It’s integral for your mobile app company to thoroughly dive into your business, learn about the market, competitors, and your goals to create a truly successful mobile app. 

The deeper you can divulge crucial business information to your mobile app development partner, they can approach your project in a much more comprehensive way to encompass current mobile application development trends. We are known for our dedication to our client projects, and we also often trade development time for part ownership. It allows our clients to have peace in mind that we are doing our best because your success is also our success! 

10. What’s In Their Portfolio?

While researching possible mobile app development companies, review their online portfolio of clients. Try to see if they have projects that are similar to yours. For instance, if you need custom software development, investigate their projects that utilize custom software. 

Review their mobile app case studies and review the success of their apps. Screenshots of the UI design and metrics on the success of mobile app installs should help guide your decision.  

Fill Out Our Mobile/Web App Questionnaire to See If We Are a Good Fit

If you are wondering if we are a good fit for your mobile app project, fill out our mobile app questionnaire. One of our Business Analysts will perform a complimentary market viability assessment to investigate your idea. We’ll see the competitive landscape and if you have a viable idea that can be successful. Contact us to learn more about our business and read more content on mobile app development below: 

Is Mobile App Development Dead in 2022


Cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology. Web 3.0. As many new exciting developments begin to capture media attention, hungry investors, and the imagination of a new generation, many people have started to wonder how relevant mobile devices will be in this upcoming decade. Is mobile app development dead?

In the 2000s, flip and BlackBerry phones were the latest evolution of consumer technology. As young teens began to gravitate away from phone calls to perplexing “text messaging,” many adults viewed it as just another fad. However, phone calls have become mainly a thing of the past as text messages have become the dominant form of cellular communication. 

The 2010s saw a rise in attention-consuming mobile app technology and social media. A couple of decades ago, there was no such thing as social media advertising. Today, businesses flock to social channels to advertise their products and services. Many companies were born and exist solely as a mobile application. 

As we enter the 2020s, many wonder if the emergence of web 3.0, the metaverse, and more technological innovations will eliminate the need for mobile apps or mobile phones altogether. We are a mobile and web app development company so let us give you our expert take on the current and future of mobile app development. 

The Current State of Mobile App Development

Although predicting the future is all just speculation, we can confidently say that mobile app development is not dead. On the contrary, app development has never been more relevant than in today’s global market. 

Mobile marketing has become one of the top mediums for advertising, reaching $290 billion in revenue in 2021. An excellent way to assess whether or not a platform is thriving is to observe where marketers flock. Companies spend billions on PPC and social media marketing to target their audience and convert them. 

The average mobile phone user checks their phone 63 times a day and spends an average screen time of 5.4 hours on their mobile devices a day. Mobile app development is not only dead, but it’s thriving! Users consume content, play games, and socialize for hours each day. Investing in a mobile app to capture users and collect ad revenue has never been more profitable. 

Current mobile development applications feature voice technology, geolocation-based apps, and biometric authentication continue to evolve with the introduction of new software and technology updates. However, emerging technologies such as 5G technology will lead to more complex video streaming and mobile gaming applications. 

Mobile gaming surpassed $120 billion in consumer spending in 2021 and took 1.5x of the market compared to other gaming platforms combined. Video streaming consumption on mobile devices continues to increase, so the mobile app market will continue to grow. 

Another exciting trend is businesses have begun to invest in enterprise app development for employees. Enterprise application development has many challenges, but large organizations can create innovative mobile applications to manage HR tasks, payouts, updates, and more to enhance employee productivity and satisfaction.

The latest mobile application development trends only point to further interest and growth. Whether a start-up, enterprise, or entrepreneur, creating a mobile app that serves a market need can lead to huge revenue and success. There are many benefits of custom software development but before you dive into your app project, contact an app development consultant to help hone your vision. 

Cross Platform vs Hybrid vs Native App Development

One of the biggest questions to answer for your mobile app project is will you deploy a cross-platform, hybrid, or native app? Cross-platform apps are easy to launch across iOS, Android, and web devices, but a hybrid application may be the better choice. Learn more about cross-platform vs. hybrid app development and the best cross-platform mobile app development tools to see if it fits your vision. 

Is Mobile App Development the Future?

Although there will continue to be new platforms to emerge, it seems mobile will continue to grow and become the dominant medium for media consumption in the future. The IDC predicts worldwide spending on public cloud services and infrastructure will double to around $500 billion by 2023

This explosive revenue is matched by a workforce shift to a mobile market. 1.87 billion workers will work in the mobile workforce by 2022, accounting for 42% of the global workforce

We will see mobile gaming grow as technology unlocks new capabilities and more educational and business apps. Capitalize on the boom and use your expertise to develop a mobile app to serve your target audience. We created a 10-step mobile application development strategy to guide users on bringing an idea to life. 

Learn about the perfect app development team and the roles of each member to help fulfill your vision. We provide comprehensive mobile and web app development out of Atlanta, GA. In addition, we also offer IT staffing solutions and digital marketing support to increase app install conversion rates and increase mobile app installs

Stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on the mobile app market with your own mobile app project. Tell us about your project and fill out our application development questionnaire. We’ll investigate the market viability of your idea and give you our expert option during an initial consultation. 

The Perfect Mobile or Web App Development Team: Size, Roles, and Responsibilities

What is the perfect app development team? When picking which app development company to choose for your next project, one of the most important factors to consider is what will your mobile or web app development look like. Who is in charge of moving the project along? Who will give me updates? How can I feel confident my app project will be delivered on time and within budget? 

Codesmith has delivered web and mobile app development services for over a decade. We also provide IT staffing solutions leveraging our expansive network of development talent. We have recently added digital marketing services as a natural evolution in our business models. 

Our digital marketing team works in tandem with our developers to oversee development progress. More importantly, they help strategize effective game plans to increase mobile conversion rates and mobile app installs

Since we pride ourselves on always progressing past the current mobile development application trends, let’s discuss how our experience and client feedback have helped us develop the perfect app development team structure for our clients. 

Ideal App Development Team and Their Roles

Let’s discuss the best app development team structure and the duties of each role:


Frontend Developers

Frontend developers are in charge of the visual components of your app project. They are in charge of implementing the coding language for your project. Depending on the size of your project and if it is a hybrid or cross-platform development project, you may need dedicated iOS and Android developers for your project. 

Frontend developers primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Rendering mockups and wireframes into functional coded elements.
  • Select development tools for your project, such as Git management systems.
  • Defining and creating the coding standards.
  • Fixing bugs or issues with your application.
  • Elevating the performance and functionality of your app project. 

Backend Developers

The backend of an app consists of the server-side part of the application. A Backend Developer manages the central database of the application to ensure there is proper function between users and the server. They work closely with Frontend Developers to ensure that their code and efforts integrate effectively with backend elements. 

Backend Developers primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Optimizing applications for scalability, functionality, and speed.
  • Building reusable code to use for the application. 
  • Designing, implementing and optimizing data storage and protection. 
  • Managing payment systems to securely handle transactions and store data. 
  • Composing frameworks and app architecture.
  • Using and overseeing application programming interfaces (APIs).

Technical Project Manager

A Technical Project Manager is an essential member of your app development team. They will coordinate efforts between the development team and the client. A PM will update clients on app development progress and communicate client direction to their app dev team. They will also work with app developers to ensure projects are on track and budget. If any issues or concerns arise, they will help find a practical solution. 

A Technical Project Manager’s primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Communicate client feedback, notes, and direction to app development. 
  • Meet and update clients on project progress. 
  • Maintaining project assignments, coordinating sprints, and delineating tasks. 
  • Maintaining quality control for app dev projects, adhering to deadlines, and managing costs. 
  • Master at technical project management interfaces, such as TeamGantt, Asana, or Confluence. 

UI/UX Designer

The User Interface (UI) is what users interact with on your app, including what they see and touch. The User Experience (UX) is how optimal, functional, and satisfactory it is for a user to interact with your application. A UI/UX Designer will ensure your application is optimal for a satisfying user experience. They will select colors, fonts and organize page elements to align with brand identity and improve how people interact with applications. 

A UI/UX Designer’s primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Create mockups of application interfaces. 
  • Test, troubleshoot, and fix user experience issues.
  • Create interactive app elements such as menus, call-to-action-buttons, and tabs so users can intuitively navigate applications. 
  • Implement design elements that align with branding. 

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is an essential member of an app development team. They will help clients understand how to position their app in the marketplace and oversee the app development process. 

The Business Analyst will start with the discovery phase to use surveys, Q&A sessions, and research to identify the ideal target audience, market differentiation, necessary features, and more. They will delineate their research and translate objectives into action items to integrate into the prototype and mockup stages. They will also analyze project and budget costs to map out how to spend client dollars effectively. 

A Business Analyst’s primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Market viability research to understand how to position apps to the public. 
  • Define metrics, KPIs, and benchmarks for success.
  • Identify project gaps and ways to speed up app development
  • Integrate research and client objectives into the application development strategy.
  • Oversee the business development cycle and develop an in-depth roadmap.  

Development Analyst

A Development Analyst works with Frontend and Backend Developers to access the key features and requirements for a mobile or web app project. They will investigate coding protocols and find ways to improve the operation efficiency and troubleshoot any issues. They’ll use data modeling to conduct audits on existing systems to find ways to improve overall performance. 

A Development Analyst’s primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Check app coding structures to ensure operational efficiency. 
  • Provide system-wide support and maintenance for application development. 
  • Write and document development process and life-cycle testing.
  • Help drive risk assessment by developing, implementing, and evaluating system design strategies, specifications, and models.

Quality Assurance Engineer

A Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer will work with the development team to ensure the application aligns with design and software requirements. They will find, test, and fix bugs and perform numerous investigations into how the app is developed. 

A Quality Assurance Engineer’s primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Execute performance tests and document issues. 
  • Fix bugs and find solutions to potential challenges hurting the app development process. 
  • Development quality assurance and standards for the app development team to follow. 

Marketing Support

Many mobile and web app development shops can create an application for their clients, but marketing support is essential if they want to have a sufficient return on their investment and promote their app. 

Paid Media Specialists, Social Media Managers, Content Strategists, SEO Specialists, and other marketing professionals will help strategize the most cost-effective ways to brand your app. They can run ad campaigns, create content, and research your target audience to create an effective marketing funnel to drive users to convert. 

It is best to have marketing specialists work with your app development project from the start to oversee the development process and start marketing efforts before the app is launched. It’s best to invest in application development consulting services before committing to a project to coordinate efforts. 

App Development Process and Team Roles

The typical app development process consists of a 6-step process:

  • Planning
  • Business and Market Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing and Integration
  • Maintenance

During the planning stage, the Development Analyst and Technical Project Manager will discuss client requirements, expectations, budgets, and timelines for the project. A Business Analyst will then perform a market viability analysis to determine the effective implementation of efforts. UI/UX Designers will work with the development team to create workflows and information architecture for your project. 

Frontend and Backend Developers will coordinate with Technical Project Managers to create your application. Quality Assurance Engineers and Development Analysts will perform testing and integration to ensure your application is working correctly and perform ongoing maintenance. 

The rest of the development team will also contribute to various efforts. Once the app project is ready to launch, the marketing team will plan, launch, and optimize ad campaigns to convert users and reach target audiences. 

What is the Right App Development Team Size?

The right app development team largely depends on:

Are You Considering Creating a Mobile or Web App? Fill Out our App Development Questionnaire to Request a Market Viability Test and Consultation

Fill out our application development questionnaire to tell us about your project. We can chat about an effective game plan to move forward if it passes our market viability assessment. Contact us for more information, and let’s get your project created!

5 Ways to Speed Up App Development

There’s the old adage, “It doesn’t matter who’s best. It only matters who’s first.” With app development, this couldn’t be truer. First to build and first to market wins the audience.

Just look at Facebook vs. ConnectU. Same idea (some would say too similar), but Facebook launched first. The rest is history. 

So how can you speed up app development without sacrificing quality? Let’s talk about it. 

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1. Champion An MVP

Building a minimum viable product (MVP) will speed up app development. It also serves as a working feedback tool.

Minimum viable products have the app essentials – what’s needed to launch – that’s it. Everything else is packaged into phase 2 or 3 of the app. We find that clients benefit from this strategy in 3 ways.

  1. Faster build time
  2. Quicker user feedback
  3. Better flexibility with changes

Now, this doesn’t mean MVPs are skin and bone. As you can see in our case studies, MVPs can look and feel just like a fully-finalized app. 

In fact, MVPs can save you from disaster. Some companies spend years building an app. They don’t include a feedback loop or release the product in stages. The result is a bloated app that doesn’t resonate with users and is far behind competitors. MVPs avoid this disappointing outcome. 

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2. Work Agiley

Make sure your dev team is following the Agile method of project management. That is, break up the project into phases called sprints. For example, we work in two-week sprints. 

It involves constant collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to ensure everyone’s on the same page. 

The agile methodology works in planning, building, and reviewing cycles so that issues are fixed before they snowball. This saves everyone from massive revisions, launch delays, and frustrated stakeholders. 

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3. Go Cross-Platform

Speed up app development by going cross-platform. It’s a clever shortcut to reach multiple audiences at once. 

What is a Cross-Platform Application?

A cross-platform application is an application that can run on multiple operating systems.

Cross-platform apps are cost-effective and time-efficient. Their frameworks have similarities with native applications, superior UX, and seamless implementation.

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With cross-platform development, you can reach audiences on IOS, Android, and Windows without building three completely different apps. Talk about two birds, one stone!

4. Hire Dedicated Devs

The dev team will make or break your app launch. Don’t leave it to a freelance network where you’ll have to manage a project. A dev agency will have the bandwidth and personnel to focus on your app. 

Filter out development agencies by asking the following questions:

1. How many devs work in-house?

2. What tech stacks do you work in?

3. What’s the average project turnaround time?

4. What does the project process involve?

5. Have you worked with similar industries before?

The answers will give you a great starting point to build on. Above all, watch how quickly the agency responds to you. Chances are, if they’re slow to respond in the beginning, you’ll be left in the dark during the project. Communication is key to bringing your vision to life.

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5. Test & Q/A Together

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. Simultaneous testing and Q/A can speed up app development without sacrificing quality. Once again, it’s the two birds – one stone philosophy.

Testing the app, fixing issues, THEN sending it to Q/A is a waste of time. Instead, send the app to testers and Q/Aers at once. This gives the dev team one round of edits versus two or more. And don’t leave the testing and Q/A to the very end. Remember, using the Agile method means constant evaluation. 

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Bonus Tips

Speed up app development even more with these quick tips.

  • Opt for lo-fi instead of hi-fi wireframes
  • Have a plan before you start, don’t improvise each sprint
  • Ensure stakeholder agreement on what goes into phase 1 (MVP), phase 2, and phase 3
  • Use automated testing where possible
  • Respond to dev requests/questions asap
  • Commit to regular check-ins to maintain momentum

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Let’s Talk About Your Dev Needs

If you’ve got an idea, our team is behind you. Take the first step by answering this app development questionnaire. It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers yet! Once you submit, we’ll be in touch soon. 
By the way, we offer a host of services from marketing to IT staffing to grow your app even further. So let’s get started together.