5 Strategies to Increase App Install Conversion Rates

Mobile app development is a challenging process for many entrepreneurs or enterprise organizations. However, customers are increasingly demanding businesses develop mobile applications to satisfy their needs. Although social media apps are the most used app category, there are more than 250 million daily app downloads between 2019-2020 alone. 

Many companies with a mobile app have trouble reaching their customers and finding ways to increase mobile app installs. Digital marketing is essential to help find users, but businesses will have to invest considerable resources to connect with customers. 

Guiding prospective users through your funnel and getting them to complete actions or transactions isn’t as simple as many people think. However, a high mobile app conversion rate is a top KPI for anyone trying to make their mobile app the next big thing. Let’s discuss the top strategies to increase install conversion rates, some of which are easier than you think! 

What Is Mobile App Conversion Rate?

Your mobile app conversion rate is the number of app installs or purchases (conversions) divided by the total number of visitors. Take that number and multiply it by 100. For instance, if 200 people downloaded your app and 20 of them made a purchase, you would have a 10% conversion rate.

Average App Conversion Rate

There are many different ways to label a conversion for your app. For instance, a game conversion event could be if a user buys a game item versus a travel app could label a conversion as a flight booked. The average app conversion rate is hard to quantify since there is a wide variance between conversions across all mobile applications. 

In addition, the difference in value for each conversion is a huge factor. For instance, a gaming app may have a 10% conversion rate for a $1 in-app purchase versus a traveling app-only having a 1% conversion, but the value of a conversion could be $50. Generally, across all app categories, 1-2% is considered the average conversion rate. 

5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Mobile App Conversion Rates


If you want to increase your mobile app conversion rates, check out five easy ways you can get it done to make your app appeal to your audience and increase profits. 

1. Mobile App Localization

If you are in the United States, creating a mobile app that only appeals to Americans can drastically limit your audience. Investing in mobile app localization can open your app up to a global audience. 

Mobile app localization aims to modify your application to appeal to a variety of audiences in different countries. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg may have created Facebook in the United States, but there are a variety of Facebook app versions that service languages, cultures, and areas across the world. 

A Distomo study found that businesses that localized their apps increased downloads per country by 128% and earned a 26% increase in revenue for each country added. Our mobile app development team is well-versed in localization to code apps in a variety of languages. Learn more about mobile app localization and contact us to learn more about our capabilities.  

2. Improve Capability Across Devices

Although you may have developed your mobile app primarily for mobile devices, you should also make it available and capabilities on tablets, smartwatches, and desktops. The more devices your audience can use your application, the more chances you have to drive conversions. 

You can even experiment with different wireframes, copy, images, and more to see if particular elements increase user engagement and conversions on other devices. A/B testing is essential to perform various iterations of your app across devices to hone in on what works and ditch the elements that don’t. 

While you perform testing and various capability assessments, make sure you have a security-minded development team to implement your tasks. Review our mobile app development risks to ensure you stay safe. If you need someone full-time for your organization, learn more about our IT staffing solutions to find an experienced candidate. 

3. Better and More Prominent CTA Buttons

Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons guide users and are crucial to increase app conversions. Design your app to have intuitive functionality and don’t overwhelm your audience with decisions. Utilize CTAs buttons that help the user take the desired actions they want to take. 

For instance, if you advertise a prominent app feature to entice the person to download, ensure you have clear CTA buttons once they download your app to help them take action without much thought. Check out some of these great CTA buttons on mobile and web applications to get inspired. 

4. Personalized User Experience

Offer personalized options for users once they are on your app. As the world continues to become more “meta,” people are willing to pay for options that differentiate them from other users. Fortnite, the top-grossing free-to-play game, earned $2.4 billion in 2018. The lion’s share of their revenue came from customized skins or outfits for players to use. 

If applicable, offer your audience options to make their purchases unique. Royal Enfield launched a successful ‘Make-it-Yours’ (MiY) app-based 3D configurator so that users could personalize their motorcycles. Not only did users drastically increase their time spent on the app but choosing custom color schemes, trims, and graphics helped increase revenue. 

5. Use Easy, Quick Forms

No one likes to fill out forms. However, they are essential for many mobile apps to get information from users. Whether it is filling out address info, credit card information, or a tasting profile for a wine delivery app, the UX of your form will drastically improve or reduce conversion rates on your app. 

Don’t burden your users with unnecessary submission fields. Hubspot studied 40,000 landing page forms and found that three fields doubled conversions versus four fields. If you require a longer form, utilize multi-step forms to improve conversions. In fact, a case study for several companies found that multi-step forms drastically increased conversion rates by 35% for BrokerNotes, 59% for Vendio, and 214% for an astroturf company.

Also, make sure to get rid of captchas for your app. They can be challenging on mobile devices, and a video app, Animoto, increased conversion rates by 22% by simply removing the captcha on their web forms. Run multiple A/B tests on various form types with different copy, images, and UI to see what works best for your app. 

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