The Perfect Mobile or Web App Development Team: Size, Roles, and Responsibilities

What is the perfect app development team? When picking which app development company to choose for your next project, one of the most important factors to consider is what will your mobile or web app development look like. Who is in charge of moving the project along? Who will give me updates? How can I feel confident my app project will be delivered on time and within budget? 

Codesmith has delivered web and mobile app development services for over a decade. We also provide IT staffing solutions leveraging our expansive network of development talent. We have recently added digital marketing services as a natural evolution in our business models. 

Our digital marketing team works in tandem with our developers to oversee development progress. More importantly, they help strategize effective game plans to increase mobile conversion rates and mobile app installs

Since we pride ourselves on always progressing past the current mobile development application trends, let’s discuss how our experience and client feedback have helped us develop the perfect app development team structure for our clients. 

Ideal App Development Team and Their Roles

Let’s discuss the best app development team structure and the duties of each role:


Frontend Developers

Frontend developers are in charge of the visual components of your app project. They are in charge of implementing the coding language for your project. Depending on the size of your project and if it is a hybrid or cross-platform development project, you may need dedicated iOS and Android developers for your project. 

Frontend developers primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Rendering mockups and wireframes into functional coded elements.
  • Select development tools for your project, such as Git management systems.
  • Defining and creating the coding standards.
  • Fixing bugs or issues with your application.
  • Elevating the performance and functionality of your app project. 

Backend Developers

The backend of an app consists of the server-side part of the application. A Backend Developer manages the central database of the application to ensure there is proper function between users and the server. They work closely with Frontend Developers to ensure that their code and efforts integrate effectively with backend elements. 

Backend Developers primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Optimizing applications for scalability, functionality, and speed.
  • Building reusable code to use for the application. 
  • Designing, implementing and optimizing data storage and protection. 
  • Managing payment systems to securely handle transactions and store data. 
  • Composing frameworks and app architecture.
  • Using and overseeing application programming interfaces (APIs).

Technical Project Manager

A Technical Project Manager is an essential member of your app development team. They will coordinate efforts between the development team and the client. A PM will update clients on app development progress and communicate client direction to their app dev team. They will also work with app developers to ensure projects are on track and budget. If any issues or concerns arise, they will help find a practical solution. 

A Technical Project Manager’s primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Communicate client feedback, notes, and direction to app development. 
  • Meet and update clients on project progress. 
  • Maintaining project assignments, coordinating sprints, and delineating tasks. 
  • Maintaining quality control for app dev projects, adhering to deadlines, and managing costs. 
  • Master at technical project management interfaces, such as TeamGantt, Asana, or Confluence. 

UI/UX Designer

The User Interface (UI) is what users interact with on your app, including what they see and touch. The User Experience (UX) is how optimal, functional, and satisfactory it is for a user to interact with your application. A UI/UX Designer will ensure your application is optimal for a satisfying user experience. They will select colors, fonts and organize page elements to align with brand identity and improve how people interact with applications. 

A UI/UX Designer’s primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Create mockups of application interfaces. 
  • Test, troubleshoot, and fix user experience issues.
  • Create interactive app elements such as menus, call-to-action-buttons, and tabs so users can intuitively navigate applications. 
  • Implement design elements that align with branding. 

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is an essential member of an app development team. They will help clients understand how to position their app in the marketplace and oversee the app development process. 

The Business Analyst will start with the discovery phase to use surveys, Q&A sessions, and research to identify the ideal target audience, market differentiation, necessary features, and more. They will delineate their research and translate objectives into action items to integrate into the prototype and mockup stages. They will also analyze project and budget costs to map out how to spend client dollars effectively. 

A Business Analyst’s primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Market viability research to understand how to position apps to the public. 
  • Define metrics, KPIs, and benchmarks for success.
  • Identify project gaps and ways to speed up app development
  • Integrate research and client objectives into the application development strategy.
  • Oversee the business development cycle and develop an in-depth roadmap.  

Development Analyst

A Development Analyst works with Frontend and Backend Developers to access the key features and requirements for a mobile or web app project. They will investigate coding protocols and find ways to improve the operation efficiency and troubleshoot any issues. They’ll use data modeling to conduct audits on existing systems to find ways to improve overall performance. 

A Development Analyst’s primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Check app coding structures to ensure operational efficiency. 
  • Provide system-wide support and maintenance for application development. 
  • Write and document development process and life-cycle testing.
  • Help drive risk assessment by developing, implementing, and evaluating system design strategies, specifications, and models.

Quality Assurance Engineer

A Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer will work with the development team to ensure the application aligns with design and software requirements. They will find, test, and fix bugs and perform numerous investigations into how the app is developed. 

A Quality Assurance Engineer’s primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Execute performance tests and document issues. 
  • Fix bugs and find solutions to potential challenges hurting the app development process. 
  • Development quality assurance and standards for the app development team to follow. 

Marketing Support

Many mobile and web app development shops can create an application for their clients, but marketing support is essential if they want to have a sufficient return on their investment and promote their app. 

Paid Media Specialists, Social Media Managers, Content Strategists, SEO Specialists, and other marketing professionals will help strategize the most cost-effective ways to brand your app. They can run ad campaigns, create content, and research your target audience to create an effective marketing funnel to drive users to convert. 

It is best to have marketing specialists work with your app development project from the start to oversee the development process and start marketing efforts before the app is launched. It’s best to invest in application development consulting services before committing to a project to coordinate efforts. 

App Development Process and Team Roles

The typical app development process consists of a 6-step process:

  • Planning
  • Business and Market Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing and Integration
  • Maintenance

During the planning stage, the Development Analyst and Technical Project Manager will discuss client requirements, expectations, budgets, and timelines for the project. A Business Analyst will then perform a market viability analysis to determine the effective implementation of efforts. UI/UX Designers will work with the development team to create workflows and information architecture for your project. 

Frontend and Backend Developers will coordinate with Technical Project Managers to create your application. Quality Assurance Engineers and Development Analysts will perform testing and integration to ensure your application is working correctly and perform ongoing maintenance. 

The rest of the development team will also contribute to various efforts. Once the app project is ready to launch, the marketing team will plan, launch, and optimize ad campaigns to convert users and reach target audiences. 

What is the Right App Development Team Size?

The right app development team largely depends on:

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