5 Benefits of Custom Software Development

Custom software development is a gift for companies who take advantage of it. And few companies have the foresight to invest in it. So you’ll have a leg up on competitors already. 

Once you know the benefits of custom software development, talk with our dev team for more information.

But first, what is custom software development? Let’s dive in.

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What is Custom Software Development?

Businesses with unique operating requirements need custom software development. This made-to-order type of software is created solely with your business in mind. When developed correctly, it’s customizable, adaptable, and scalable.

Businesses choose custom software over standard, off-the-shelf software because of the flexibility. How often have you purchased software only to use half of its capabilities? Or worse, have to supplement that software with more software because your needs aren’t matched?

Custom software fixes that mess so you can focus on running the business. Let’s talk about the five benefits of custom software development.

1. Focused Resources

With custom software development, resources can focus elsewhere in the company. Rather than struggling to make standard software work for your unique processes, custom software has everything built-in.

Many employees perform what’s called “shadow work.” These are time-consuming tasks – not in their job description – that take employees away from real work.

Think calling customer service, researching DIY solutions, or creating workarounds. Custom software eliminates these shadow tasks so your team can regain focus.

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2. Easy Scalability

The software you purchased two years ago may stunt you next year (if it’s not slowing you down already!). Custom software scales with your business because it’s built for your business.

Plus, custom software can be modified to fit new business needs. You save time usually needed to research and test a standard software option. And it reduces adoption time for employees because that comfortability level is already there.

Bottom line: custom software gives you the flexibility to move with the market, pivot where necessary, and plan for the future.

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3. Responsive IT Support

Poor customer service from standard software providers is too well-known. Hours waiting for a response, playing email/phone tag, unhelpful chatbots – the list goes on! And it’s all to be directed to the FAQ page.

Custom software means a dedicated team of developers (in-house, outsourced, or a mix) that created your product and know it thoroughly. Agile IT support like this resolves issues quickly, so you’re not waiting.

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4. Improved ROI

We commonly hear that custom software development is too expensive. This belief needs some context. While initial costs may be higher than standard software, the long-term investment is lower. Why?

  • No license renewals 
  • No add-ons
  • No extra hardware
  • No unnecessary features

For businesses with long-term goals, custom software is the smarter investment choice. 

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5. Less Competition

You have a substantial competitive advantage with the benefits of custom software development. Not only can businesses focus resources, scale, resolve issues, and invest smarter, change is easier too.

Other companies are slow to pivot because their software only moves A to B. custom software means you can move A to C to B to Z with relatively little strain on the business. 

Plus, custom proprietary software is a crucial differentiator when all the competition uses the same-old standard stuff. 

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Custom software development allows businesses to work how they want. Rather than fighting with software, it becomes another valued extension of your team. Doesn’t that sound better already?

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