Cross Platform vs Hybrid App Development: What You Need to Know

If you consider developing a mobile or web app, you should understand the difference between cross-platform and hybrid applications. Each has its advantages and possible disadvantages based on your goals. 

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Let’s dive into what you need to know about cross-platform and hybrid app development. If you need a professional consultation and market viability test for your project, fill out our application development questionnaire. We’ll help guide your efforts in the right direction, so you maximize your budget and outline an effective application development strategy.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid app development blends both native and web solutions. Developers utilize a plugin system to leverage features on multiple platforms and development languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, into a native app. 

Hybrid app development is efficient and cost-effective compared to native apps. User experience and performance are relatively consistent across platforms, while developers can deploy code across multiple platforms. If you want to speed up app development, hybrid and cross-platform approaches will work to your advantage. 

Cross-Platform App Development

A cross-platform application is an application that can run on multiple operating systems. Both cross-platform and hybrid apps use code shareability, but the development approach for a cross-platform app uses native rendering engines. 

Cross-platform apps are cost-effective, time-efficient but may suffer with performance. Frameworks for cross-platform apps have close similarities with native applications. Some prefer to utilize a cross-platform approach over hybrid options because of superior UX and seamless implementation. (Check out our blog on the best cross-platform mobile app development tools). 

Ideas, Developed

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