Custom Mobile and Web App Development Services


Are you ready to bring your mobile app idea to life? Codesmith is here to help. We are software development experts with a diverse web and mobile app projects portfolio. We are entrepreneurs at heart, and our mission is to provide comprehensive support and service for visionaries to bring their mobile or web app ideas to life. 

But we have a pretty different approach than most app development companies. Many dev shops will drag out the app development process and leave you with a tab that continuously adds up. They may also provide you with an insufficient and outsourced “team” that will constantly push back launch dates and leave you with a subpar app geared towards only one platform. Many entrepreneurs may know the dark side of the app development business and let their million-dollar idea fall to the wayside. 

Codesmith is a coalition of entrepreneurs at heart. Our in-house and unique approach is tailored to other entrepreneurs who not only want to build a mobile or web app but have it properly marketed and launched. When you work with Codesmith, you don’t just get a developer: you get an entire team dedicated to managing your mobile app process, executing project deadlines, and cutting costs. 

Our thorough discovery process allows us to understand your mobile app’s market demand and environment. Our business analysts will deliver an accurate quote and walk you through the entire project process from start to finish for full transparency. We are also agile enough to adapt and refine initial project requirements to ensure your app project meets project deadlines. 

Best of all, once you are ready to launch your mobile app, we have a team of digital marketing experts who can help promote your application to your ideal target audience through various channels, including PPC, social media campaigns, SEO, and content marketing. 

Learn more about our custom mobile app development services and fill out a questionnaire so our team can learn more about your project. If you’d like, we can schedule a complimentary app consultation so you can better understand the market demand for your app and create a winning game plan to turn your idea into a reality. 

Our Web and Mobile App Development Services

We offer comprehensive web and mobile app development services. Our dedicated team is here to provide comprehensive development services from A to Z. Learn more about our service offerings and how we take your project from concept to delivery and provide ongoing marketing and technical support to constantly improve your application’s functionality. 

Web App Development

Our web application development services encompass the design, development, and deployment of cross-platform web applications with improved functionality and features. We build highly engaging and responsive applications that span desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. We work closely with our clients to define your requirements and create a roadmap for success. 

The web app you create should reflect the needs of your audience, fit into their day-to-day life, and meet their expectations. Our team will choose the best framework, platform, and optimization techniques that will make your web app shine amongst the competition. Our marketing experts gather user feedback during development to ensure we build the right features set for our users throughout the project lifecycle. Our team of UI/UX engineers and developers create custom solutions while keeping the end-user experience in mind to guarantee visitors stay on your site.  

Mobile App Development

We have extensive experience creating high-performing, digitally transformative, and feature-packed native mobile applications. We have business analysts, project managers, and QA engineers on top of our diverse team of developers to ensure your application is not only appropriately coded but appeals to the preferences of your target audience. 

We use an agile approach for mobile app development to ensure our team meets each project milestone. We can quickly pivot throughout the development stages based on your feedback to ensure the final project exceeds your expectations. 

Software Development

With years of experience in custom software development, we offer businesses, large and small, web application development services. Our software development services are tailored to your business needs and across various industries, including finance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and more.

Many software development companies rely on outsourcing to help meet their workload. This can lead to inferior software riddled with problems that can hurt your business down the road. Codesmith not only has an extensive pool of top software developers, but we also provide staffing for companies looking for development support. Our ensemble of software developers, engineers, and programmers can create superior software tailored to your specific preferences. 

Entrepreneur and Small Business App Development

We want to make sure independent entrepreneurs can create stellar applications, too. As mobile and web applications become more and more integral to businesses, it’s important entrepreneurs have access to affordable app development services. 

Small businesses and entrepreneurs often cannot afford app development services compared to their corporate competitors. Entrepreneurs often have a limited budget but still, need a dynamic application that makes them stand out from their goliath competitors in their industry. We want to help these companies succeed by providing comprehensive app development support to launch an excellent mobile or web app within an affordable budget. Even if you’re not a tech person, we can break down a practical plan to execute your app project from start to finish. 

Cross Platform and Hybrid Mobile App Development

If you want to develop a mobile application, it’s best to be compatible across operating systems and platforms. Our experienced ensemble of developers has a wealth of experience with cross-platform app development. We can help create a mobile app that runs smoothly across all platforms. 

Our efficient project development process ensures that we can translate your vision to the sharable code that brings your mobile app to life. Cross-platform app development is a cost-effective solution with faster development timelines than native applications. Reach a wider audience and develop a hybrid mobile app that exceeds your high standards without raising your budget. 

The Languages We Speak

Developers specialize in various coding languages that all serve a variety of purposes. Fortunately, we are fluent in multiple coding languages and can translate what we are doing on the backend to keep you on top of your mobile or web app project. Some of our most popular projects include: 

PHP Laravel

We are a certified PHP development company supported by software engineers who provide high-performance customer PHP applications. The free and open-source platform runs on PHP. It’s excellent to build custom web apps with complicated application components.


.NET is an open-source development platform created by Microsoft, but web or mobile applications can run across platforms. We can help develop apps using the .NET framework for web, mobile, desktop, cloud applications. Developers gravitate towards .NET because they can build apps faster and cheaper than other development platforms. 

React JS Development

ReactJS is an open-source library that utilizes reusable UI components to create dynamic, single-page web and mobile applications. People can interact and change data without reloading the page for a better user experience. The React library is easy to use and test, making it a great choice to develop various web and mobile applications. 

React Native

React Native is different than React JS, even though they come from the same family. Native only works on mobile.

Vue JS Development

VueJS is an open-source library that supports compact file size. It uses components of React.JS such as directives to control and render user interfaces. It requires little overhead, and developers can store all HTML, CSS, and JS code in one single-file component. It’s user-friendly, customizable, integrates with other frameworks, and has few restrictions for better flexibility to create web and mobile app projects. 

iOS Development

We can handle complete iOS development projects to create applications on Apple’s operating system to deploy on iPhone, iPad, and Mac OSX desktop applications. Our development team specializes in and uses SwiftUI to create stunning iOS applications. We use interfacing tools, version control systems, and support frameworks to provide time-saving and cost-effective solutions for your iOS project.

Android Development

We also specialize in android software development to create applications for the Android marketplace. Google developed the Android operating system, and they are a direct competitor to Apple. Android apps feature much deeper integration to the Google suite, and android developers are often much more challenging to find than iOS developers. Still, fortunately, we have a dedicated team of experienced Android developers to complete your next mobile or web application project. 

Fill Out the Application Questionnaire Below and Our Team Will Get to Work!

Complete our application development questionnaire and our team will review your submission to help you get your project started. We will follow up with a complimentary consultation to discuss your mobile or web app idea. Before we chat, our team will research the market and give you a competitive analysis to game plan how to make your app serve your audience. 

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