Is Mobile App Development Dead in 2022


Cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology. Web 3.0. As many new exciting developments begin to capture media attention, hungry investors, and the imagination of a new generation, many people have started to wonder how relevant mobile devices will be in this upcoming decade. Is mobile app development dead?

In the 2000s, flip and BlackBerry phones were the latest evolution of consumer technology. As young teens began to gravitate away from phone calls to perplexing “text messaging,” many adults viewed it as just another fad. However, phone calls have become mainly a thing of the past as text messages have become the dominant form of cellular communication. 

The 2010s saw a rise in attention-consuming mobile app technology and social media. A couple of decades ago, there was no such thing as social media advertising. Today, businesses flock to social channels to advertise their products and services. Many companies were born and exist solely as a mobile application. 

As we enter the 2020s, many wonder if the emergence of web 3.0, the metaverse, and more technological innovations will eliminate the need for mobile apps or mobile phones altogether. We are a mobile and web app development company so let us give you our expert take on the current and future of mobile app development. 

The Current State of Mobile App Development

Although predicting the future is all just speculation, we can confidently say that mobile app development is not dead. On the contrary, app development has never been more relevant than in today’s global market. 

Mobile marketing has become one of the top mediums for advertising, reaching $290 billion in revenue in 2021. An excellent way to assess whether or not a platform is thriving is to observe where marketers flock. Companies spend billions on PPC and social media marketing to target their audience and convert them. 

The average mobile phone user checks their phone 63 times a day and spends an average screen time of 5.4 hours on their mobile devices a day. Mobile app development is not only dead, but it’s thriving! Users consume content, play games, and socialize for hours each day. Investing in a mobile app to capture users and collect ad revenue has never been more profitable. 

Current mobile development applications feature voice technology, geolocation-based apps, and biometric authentication continue to evolve with the introduction of new software and technology updates. However, emerging technologies such as 5G technology will lead to more complex video streaming and mobile gaming applications. 

Mobile gaming surpassed $120 billion in consumer spending in 2021 and took 1.5x of the market compared to other gaming platforms combined. Video streaming consumption on mobile devices continues to increase, so the mobile app market will continue to grow. 

Another exciting trend is businesses have begun to invest in enterprise app development for employees. Enterprise application development has many challenges, but large organizations can create innovative mobile applications to manage HR tasks, payouts, updates, and more to enhance employee productivity and satisfaction.

The latest mobile application development trends only point to further interest and growth. Whether a start-up, enterprise, or entrepreneur, creating a mobile app that serves a market need can lead to huge revenue and success. There are many benefits of custom software development but before you dive into your app project, contact an app development consultant to help hone your vision. 

Cross Platform vs Hybrid vs Native App Development

One of the biggest questions to answer for your mobile app project is will you deploy a cross-platform, hybrid, or native app? Cross-platform apps are easy to launch across iOS, Android, and web devices, but a hybrid application may be the better choice. Learn more about cross-platform vs. hybrid app development and the best cross-platform mobile app development tools to see if it fits your vision. 

Is Mobile App Development the Future?

Although there will continue to be new platforms to emerge, it seems mobile will continue to grow and become the dominant medium for media consumption in the future. The IDC predicts worldwide spending on public cloud services and infrastructure will double to around $500 billion by 2023

This explosive revenue is matched by a workforce shift to a mobile market. 1.87 billion workers will work in the mobile workforce by 2022, accounting for 42% of the global workforce

We will see mobile gaming grow as technology unlocks new capabilities and more educational and business apps. Capitalize on the boom and use your expertise to develop a mobile app to serve your target audience. We created a 10-step mobile application development strategy to guide users on bringing an idea to life. 

Learn about the perfect app development team and the roles of each member to help fulfill your vision. We provide comprehensive mobile and web app development out of Atlanta, GA. In addition, we also offer IT staffing solutions and digital marketing support to increase app install conversion rates and increase mobile app installs

Stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on the mobile app market with your own mobile app project. Tell us about your project and fill out our application development questionnaire. We’ll investigate the market viability of your idea and give you our expert option during an initial consultation.