What Are the Challenges of Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise web and mobile apps are becoming a crucial tool for companies to service their customers or employees. Enterprise companies are becoming more dependent on technological solutions to handle the management and administration of critical corporate goals. 

Companies are increasingly investing in enterprise software to stay competitive, whether they need customized software to handle accounts or human resources or an app to improve supply chain communications or customer support. IT spending on enterprise software in 2021 is expected to reach 601 billion U.S. dollars! 

Although enterprise application development is essential, organizations must carefully evaluate their development and management process to avoid potential disasters. Business and legal requirements are constantly shifting, and securing protected data is a paramount necessity. 


1. Adaptation

An enterprise needs a development team that is nimble, flexible, and able to make quick changes to adapt to new business requirements without halting application capabilities. Whether it is new data compliance laws or system upgrades, enterprise companies are typically affected the most compared to smaller mobile applications. 

Developers may have to utilize several languages and APIs on various platforms. Maintaining consistency across platforms is a challenge, especially when the software development kits are updated as well. The enterprise application may run on several platforms with different design guidelines and marketplaces and utilize different languages to service a global market. Therefore, multiple developers with specific expertise are often a requirement for enterprise application development. 

2. Security

Every business with a mobile application is responsible for its users’ data. Since enterprise organizations will maintain more user data, they must invest in proactive and reactive security measures to prevent or halt malicious attacks. The average cost of a data breach in 2021 is $4.24 million, but the negative press and reputational ramifications are unquantifiable.  

Cloud-based software and mobile applications are prime targets for cyber-attacks. Security patches must be updated frequently, and substantial barriers must protect user data using firewalls and encryptions. Hiring a cybersecurity team to run penetration tests and mobile security assessments is a must for enterprise organizations. 

3. Support

One of enterprise organizations’ most significant challenges is finding development support to create their app and provide continuous maintenance and quality assurance support. There are so many moving pieces in mobile app development, and efficient and suitable support can become a nightmare on an enterprise level. 

From security requirements to UX design, enterprise organizations must find a partner with the resources and expanded developer network to plan, create, and execute a mobile application project from start to finish. 

Fortunately, Codesmith has a diverse ensemble of top front-end and backend developers to handle enterprise projects. In fact, we also provide IT staffing solutions for enterprises if they need their dedicated team members on their payroll to address their internal needs. 

In addition to developer support, we assign an entire team to ensure the project aligns with your strict requirements, including business analysts, QA engineers, and project managers. We also provide digital marketing services to launch your app through the most profitable channels and reach your target audience. 

4. Data Storage and Processing

Enterprise organizations face a monumental challenge to efficiently and safely store and process the data of their users. Enterprises must acquire or lease servers to store data or rely on cloud-based solutions. However, since most data typically stored for enterprise organizations are not structured, it is also challenging to analyze the information. 

Enterprises must find a viable solution to manage their data without bogging down their applications. More importantly, they have to find a storage solution that doesn’t break the bank. Companies can utilize local data storage solutions to house data on their own servers. Although it is an expensive option, the investment allows the enterprise to maintain complete ownership and customizable customer data options. 

However, cloud databases are a much more viable option for enterprise organizations than investing in their own local data storage. Enterprises only have to purchase a license from a software manufacturer. Endpoint devices can access data stored on their partner servers so that enterprise employees can work on their applications anywhere. 

5. Cost and Project Management

Finding developer support to create your enterprise app is one thing. Productive and efficient project management is a whole other animal to tackle. Enterprise or small business applications often have wildly different expenses and timelines than an app development company initially quoted. It’s common for an app project to quickly skyrocket in development costs as the project is continuously pushed back and hours are added to get the job done. 

Codesmith, compared to most mobile application development companies, assigns a complete team to each mobile or web application project, including a business analyst, project manager, dev analyst, and QA engineers. When we provide a quote, we have already mapped out each process with projected timeframes and development costs. We are agile enough to adapt mid-progress without losing momentum and driving up prices if we adjust our efforts. 

Find a development partner that is agile enough to adapt mid-progress without losing momentum and driving up prices. Productive and efficient project management is a must.

Our Enterprise Application Development Process

Our enterprise application development process all starts with a quick and easy questionnaire. Once you complete it, our team will research your specific market to develop an app that aligns with your needs. 

Learn more about us and our web app development services and IT staffing solutions. Feel free to contact us to schedule an initial consultation, or we will reach out to you through email once you complete our web and mobile app questionnaire. We’ll conduct a market viability test to determine the correct approach to help create a stellar enterprise app for your company. In the meantime, check out some of our other blog content on how to increase mobile app installs and the top 5 mobile app development risks.