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Boost app downloads, build your brand, and reach your audience through multiple channels using our app marketing services. We started as a pure mobile and web app development company but as our business grew, including app marketing to our service offerings was a no-brainer. Since our clients invested resources to perform competitive and market research to guide our development efforts, we could maximize their budget and create effective advertising campaigns. 

Why rely on an outside marketing agency when you can have the same agency who built your app also promote it? Our marketing team develops an advertising strategy for our web and mobile app projects when they are still just ideas. It gives us a much more knowledgeable and elevated approach than other pure marketing agencies. 

We offer various digital marketing services to help successfully launch and promote new mobile and web apps. It’s a shame to invest so much money to create a mobile app without the expertise to reach your target market. Since we work directly with our development team, we know the best strategies to effectively advertise your mobile or web app so the right audiences can find and download your app. 

As a top app marketing agency, Codesmith markets your iOS, Android, or web app using various advanced and effective advertising strategies to increase app store visibility, increase downloads, and reach your audience.

Mobile App Marketing Services

There are many different types of mobile app marketing. Let’s discuss our go-to marketing services to ensure your app reaches users so you can successfully build your brand and increase acquisition. 

Competitive and Marketing Research

A business analyst will perform thorough research into the competitive landscape of your unique market. We will analyze how your app can fill a void in the market and best differentiate your app from your competitors. 

We will provide a competitive summary and analysis to craft an effective marketing strategy to help you not only stand out but position your app as a more effective solution to your audience’s needs. We’ll identify your most ideal target demographics and segment them into various audiences to craft campaigns that maximize your budget, appeal to your viewers, and increase user acquisition while lowering cost per acquisition. 

We’ll dive into the bigger picture to understand what is happening within the industry and culture to plan practical approaches to break through potential barriers. We’ll refine your brand messaging and value propositions to resonate with your users. Most mobile and web app marketing agencies do not have dedicated business analysts assigned for projects. We think it’s an essential component of our mobile app marketing progress to set your business up for success in the short term and the long run. 

Website Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A website is an essential investment for any mobile app company. It will help qualify users and explain the benefits and functionalities of your mobile app. It’s a crucial component to share testimonials, develop content that explains the benefits of your app, and increase your brand’s visibility. 

Our marketing team can create or optimize a website for your mobile app to ensure you reach your target audience. We also have SEO Strategists who can help ensure your website is optimized to rank for keyword terms that align with your application functionality. It is also an essential lead generation tool to collect email addresses of qualified prospects to engage with them through email to increase acquisition probability. 

Our website developers can leverage the latest and most advanced website designs to create an impactful web experience for your visitors. We can integrate video content, demos, social media functionality, and more to engage with your audience.  

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most overlooked aspects of mobile app marketing. Many brands invest heavily in PPC and social media advertising to prompt users to download. However, a quality content market ensures your audience feels more confident purchasing or downloading your app.

We will identify the search questions and terms your audience wants to know in their research phase. What are the advantages? Why should users use this app? Who should use this app? Answering a variety of questions and developing engaging content will not only educate your users on the benefits of your audience but increase their interest in downloading your app. 

Most importantly, developing content built around identified search terms and keywords will generate hot traffic to your site and users ready to download the type of app that you provide. Don’t let your competitors dominate search traffic for the terms you want to rank for in search results. We’ll create an editorial calendar and consistent publishing schedule to help bring your app to the top of search results. 

Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Specialists can craft effective campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms to engage with your audience. Launching your app on Google Play or the App Store is just the beginning. Generating high initial downloads is essential to increase your visibility and rank for various searches that align with your app. 

Our digital marketing team can help promote your app before it’s even launched. Depending on your specific niche, we can create enticing offers and landing pages that resonate with your audience while tracking engagement. It will give us detailed information on your most engaged audience’s regions, demographics, and interests. From there, we can refine your campaign to lower acquisition costs and maximize your budget.

Pay-Per Click (PPC) and Google Advertising

PPC campaigns are one of the most effective strategies to promote your mobile or web app. We have PPC experts who can craft Google Universal App Campaigns (UACs) explicitly designed for mobile app advertising. The most significant advantage is users are sent directly to the app store, and Google will automatically target users and apply bids to aid your user acquisition. 

We can craft PPC campaigns that run across Google’s network, including YouTube, Gmail, discover feeds, play store, and display networks. While we monitor your ad campaigns, we will refine your ad sets, keywords, and targeting based on the campaign data to improve your PPC ads’ performance continuously. Nurture your leads through an efficient marketing funnel to increase user acquisition while lowering acquisition costs. 

Why Partner With a Mobile Marketing Agency? The Codesmith Difference

What separates us from the rest of the app marketing agencies is simple: we not only advertise mobile and web apps; we build them! Our digital marketing services were born out of our clients needing promotional help to launch their apps after creating them. 

Since we wrote each line of code that brought their mobile app to life, we had a deep knowledge of their target audience and how they would use and benefit from the mobile or web app we created. We go through rigorous testing, research, and analysis to develop an app built with the user in mind during the development stage. 

While our Business and QA Analysts dive into market research, our marketing team works alongside them to develop marketing assets that will effectively draw in users. We invest in marketing efforts that best resonate with our client’s goals, from website to content creation. 

App Marketing FAQs

How Do You Market a New Mobile or Web App?

There are various ways to market a new mobile app, including content marketing, social media marketing, PPC campaigns, and SEO. Brands should have a diverse marketing strategy to reach users through multiple channels. 

For instance, you can engage directly with users and earn guaranteed reach using social media and PPC campaigns. You can also allow users to find you through content and SEO marketing efforts to appear in Google search results organically based on relevant keyword searches. However, the end goal is to increase user acquisition, activation, and retention. 

How Big is the Mobile App Market?

The mobile app market has grown exponentially over the past decade and will continue to generate more and more revenue year over year. In 2021, 693 billion USD was generated globally from the mobile app market. In 2022, it’s predicted to reach 808.7 billion dollars, and in 2023, 935.2 billion. 

As users continue to engage and spend on mobile app platforms, there is a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprise companies to create a profitable mobile application. 

How Do You Plan a Budget for Mobile App Marketing?

Everyone’s budget for their mobile app is unique. During a consultation, we will identify the goals for your mobile app and determine a realistic budget for your promotion. We can invest in various channels depending on how much you would like to spend to maximize your budget and generate long-term results. 

Which Channels Do You Cover for App Marketing?

We provide content marketing, SEO, UI/UX development, website development, social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, and PPC advertising to increase organic and paid user acquisition. 

Can You Help Improve User Acquisition and Subscriptions for an Existing App?

Absolutely! We can investigate your current marketing efforts to establish and baseline and complete thorough competitive and marketing research to provide a comprehensive marketing plan to improve user acquisition and subscriptions for your existing mobile or web application. 

Do You Offer App Consultations to Discuss My Project?

We offer a complementary app consultation to discuss your app idea’s market viability and demand. During a call, a team member will game plan a winning strategy to create your app and how to market it to your target audience and successfully acquire users. 

Other Services We Offer

We not only provide advertising for your mobile or web application; we also can help you create it. We deliver comprehensive software, mobile, and web application development services. Our dedicated team of developers is experienced in various frameworks and architectures to provide the application you need to appeal to your target audience. Learn about our service offerings below. 

Software Development

Our software development services include design, engineering, and support for custom projects tailored to your industry. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, small or enterprise business, we can deliver custom software development to fit your needs. 

Mobile or Web App Development

We build highly engaging cross-platform and cross-browser web applications across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. We also can create custom mobile applications or improve existing applications for your business with the latest feature integrations. 

IT Staffing Solutions

Finding excellent developers for your company is difficult for recruiters. Our internal IT staffing recruiters have access to our exclusive network of top developers to provide full-time, part-time, or contract support for your next project. 

Increase User Acquisition Ensure Your Mobile or Web App is a Success! Schedule a Complimentary Consultation, Today!

If you are ready to promote your mobile or web app to the world, fill out the app development questionnaire to tell us more about your project. Our team will game plan a winning strategy to promote your app through the proper channels at the right time. Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon! 

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